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The project 'Hybridity' is an exploration of cultural fusion and the celebration of diverse heritage through wearable art and visual narratives, merging the two worlds of Wales and Nicaragua. 


Driven by a deep connection to her African-Miskito ancestors and a desire to pay tribute to their legacy, Lily forages for natural materials in the local Welsh countryside. Clay, bark, algae, and other organic elements become her artistic palette, symbolizing the bridge between Wales and Nicaragua. With each foraged material, she connects with the land and honours the ancient traditions of her ancestors.

The heart of the project lies in the creation of unique wearable pieces that embody the essence of 'Hybridity.' Lily's garments serve as physical manifestations of her own mixed heritage, representing a harmonious blend of Welsh and Nicaraguan cultural influences. These distinctive pieces become a powerful visual representation of the interconnectedness of cultures and the beauty found in diversity.

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